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Aashay, your article on the 'Tools & Platforms in 2023' is a treasure trove of insights! As someone who's been knee-deep in the world of regulated and safety-critical technology, I found your observations particularly enlightening. The way you've highlighted the importance of 'why now?' resonates with my experiences in the AI compliance field. It's a question we often grapple with when assessing the viability and ethical implications of new AI technologies. Your delineation between tooling and platforms is a useful framework, and I appreciate the examples you've provided. I've personally seen the transformative power of tools like Hugging Face and OpenAI in the realm of text transformer models and generative AI. The potential these tools hold for the future of AI compliance is immense. Your mention of platforms like Figma and Snowflake also struck a chord. They're prime examples of how platforms can provide unique data and distribution capabilities that startups can leverage. Your article is a testament to the dynamic nature of our tech landscape and a valuable guide for those of us navigating it. Keep up the great work! - Adam

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